AI Chatbots on the Rise: Google’s Bard and ChatGPT Trending

Guess what’s up? Google news AI chatbot, Bard, is now up for grabs for teens in most countries from Thursday! Seems like folks are getting into AI chatbots, so much so that ChatGPT had to hit pause on new sign-ups due to the crazy demand.

Google’s Teen-Friendly Bard

Google spilled the beans in a blog post, talking about Bard’s new audience: teens! They’re all hyped about how teens can use Bard for things like whipping up a class president speech or finding cool science fair ideas. Oh, and get this—Bard will even help solve those tricky math equations step-by-step if you type them or upload them!


Safety First

Now, Google’s not messing around when it comes to safety. They’ve had a sit-down with experts in child safety and stuff to make sure Bard’s all good for teens as young as 13 in the U.S. They’ve even added extra checks to make sure the answers Bard gives are A-okay. There’s this “double-check” thingy that checks answers across the internet and safety measures to keep anything sketchy away.

ChatGPT Hits the Brakes

Meanwhile, over at OpenAI, the big boss, Sam Altman, spilled the beans on X. They’ve put a pause on new folks joining ChatGPT. Why? Well, seems like everyone rushed in after their developer conference earlier this month. But hey, they’ve got some cool stuff in the works, like a fancy new language model that’s supposed to hit the scene real slotasiabet.

AI and Hollywood Drama

You know, AI chatbots are stirring up quite the commotion in Hollywood. Remember when writers were on strike? One of the big fusses was about studios using AI to write scripts. It was a whole thing about who gets credit and how much writers should get paid.

The Deal Breaker

After a lot of back-and-forth, the Writers Guild of America and the studios settled on a deal. They agreed that using AI is cool, but both sides gotta fess up if AI creates stuff. Writers still get their credit and pay, no ifs, ands, or buts. But here’s the kicker—studios are kinda hinting that they’re into writers working with AI tools, like chatbots, as a team.

Summing It Up

AI chatbots like Google’s Bard and ChatGPT are blowing up. Bard’s all set for teens with some cool new features, while ChatGPT had to hit pause due to the huge rush. And you know what? Hollywood’s having its own drama over who gets to write scripts—AI or humans. Seems like everyone’s trying to figure out how to play nice with these cool new tech toys!